"He who walks with integrity walks securely" - Proverbs 10:9

About Suncoast Refinishing

Our mission is to provide high quality products, apply them with the highest degree of expertise, and leave our customers amazed at the value we’ve been able to add to their homes at such a low cost.  Importantly, we strive to build solid, lasting relationships with our customers.  Our hope is that long after we’ve left, you’ll continue to appreciate both the lasting beauty of our craftsmanship and how we treated you!

Suncoast Refinishing is a family-owned company that operates on Christian principles.  We strive to honor Christ in all we do.  That includes every aspect of how we treat our customers as well as the craftsmanship that goes into every job we do.

About Merle and Rose Miller…

We were born and raised in Amish families in Holmes County, Ohio.  As both of our fathers owned highly respected construction companies, we quickly garnered an appreciation for quality, hard work, and satisfied customers.

We relocated to Florida in 2008 and purchased the company now known as Suncoast Refinishing. We have two kids, one dog, and love the Sunshine State!


miller family owners of Suncoast Refinishing