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At Suncoast, we specialize in refinishing existing cabinets throughout your home:

  • Kitchens, kitchenettes, and pantries
  • Bathrooms and powder rooms
  • Home offices and dens
  • Laundry and utility rooms
  • Bars and recreation rooms
  • Home theaters

Refinish Rather Than Replace

Why refinish your cabinets rather than replace them?  

  • Refinishing is the most economical way to give the feel of a new kitchen, pantry, or bathroom.
  • Refinishing adds value to your home and may make it easier to sell.
  • Refinishing your cabinets drastically change the appearance of any room with the least amount of money, stress, and hassle.
  • Our professional coating system ensures a long-lasting, beautiful surface that is easy to clean.
  • Refinishing can be a simple answer to the remodeling question.

New Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts

Are your cabinet boxes structurally sound and in overall good shape but you prefer to take the next step towards a new kitchen, pantry, or bathroom? We can replace your cabinet doors and drawer fronts to give nearly any room in your home an entirely new look.  And importantly, we also refinish the cabinet boxes to match your new doors!

We offer many, many styles of doors and drawer fronts from which to choose. Solid Wood and Thermofoil Doors are our most popular. Solid wood doors are available in Panel (raised, beaded & flat), Shaker, Artisan 3" Frame, Mitered (raised and flat panel), and Applied Mouldings. Thermofoil doors are available in Round or Square Corners, Shaker, and Contemporary. Both styles are offered in many colors and finishes.  Below is just a sampling of these styles.  Contact us for a complete selection.

Solid Wood Doors

Raised Panel
Columbia Roman Arch columbia
Raised Panel
Destin destin
Beaded Panel
Warwick warwick
Beaded Panel
Winter Park winter
Flat Panel
Lexington Roman Arch lexington
Flat Panel
Cordele cordele
Berverly beverly
Concord concord
Artisan 3" Frame
Sante Fe santa
Artisan 3" Frame
Dublin dublin
Miter Raised Panel
Banks banks
Miter Raised Panel
Pleasanton pleasonton
Miter Flat Panel
Ashland ashland
Miter Flat Panel
Burbank burbank
Applied Moulding
Cannes cannes
Applied Moulding
Hamilton hamilton

Thermofoil Doors

Round Corners
Altantic Cathedral Arch atlantic
Round Corners
Largo largo
Round Corners
Largo Roman Arch largo
Square Corners
Osceola osceola
Square Corners
Marco marco
Square Corners
Osceola Roman Arch osceola
Jasper jasper
Havana havana
Daytona daytona
Jamaica jamaica
Fiji fiji
Aruba aruba

NOTE: Actual colors may vary slightly. Please see actual samples before making your selection.

Color & Finish Selections

As you can see above, your color and finish choices are almost unlimited.  We can color match any Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore brand colors in flat, matte, or gloss finishes. 

Plus, we also offer Stealth®, the latest technology in durable, long-lasting wood finishing. As a high solids, pigmented, non-yellowing, post-catalyzed amino alkyd conversion varnish, its lower odor and offers exceptional resistance to water, solvents and household chemicals. Stealth® can be tinted in over 1,000 colors and is available in 275 VOC compliant formulas.

Below are just a few popular colors that are available.

SW 6119 Antique Whitesw6119
SW 6385 Dover Whitesw
SW 7004 Snow BoundSW
SW 7005 Pure Whitesherwin
SW 7006 Extra Whitesw
SW 7008 Alabastersw
SW 7011 Natural Choicesw
SW 7012 Creamysw
SW 6420 Queen Anne LaceSW
SW 7631 City Loftsw
Solid Color Samplessolid
Glazing Color Samplesglazing

Cabinet Project Galleries

Common Questions Regarding Refinishing Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts

Do you remodel kitchens?

We do not structurally remodel kitchens. However, we can replace doors and drawer fronts for your cabinets as well as refinish your cabinets.

Do you only refinish kitchen cabinets?

We are pleased to refinish cabinets throughout your home, not just in your kitchen!

How do we refinish cabinets?

First, all of your doors and drawer fronts are removed (those are taken back to our shop for their makeover) we will then seal all the cabinet openings so we don’t get any overspray on the inside of your cabinets (which means you don’t need to empty your cabinets and all your dishes stay inside safely. We will then mask/cover the entire cabinet area, including walls, floors (HD Flooring paper), counter tops, backsplash and ceiling.

Your stove and refrigerator will be pulled out however we will make sure your refrigerator stays plugged in.

Next, we will isolate the area containing the cabinets using a visqueen/plastic (Zip Wall) and set up our ventilation system, this consists of a 12” hose connected to our exhaust fan that will be run to the outside through a door or window. This will create a negative pressure area inside our walls insuring that all the dust, spray, etc. that we create will be contained within our working area and have no effect on the rest of your home.

On most kitchens this whole process will take all the first day.

After everything is protected we will sand your cabinets and get them prepped for finishing.

Now for the fun part! First everything get several coats of a post catalyzed high solid primer, once it is dried it will be sanded smooth and then several coats of (any color) catalyzed conversion varnish finish will be applied. (All finished are applied with a HVLP fine finish spray gun).

After all finishes are applied we will remove all the paper, plastic, tape etc. clean up the area and you will have full access to your kitchen again, no more takeout.

Most times your newly refinished doors and drawer fronts will be reinstalled within the next 5-7 work days.